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Helping 1833 weather stations share their observations!


What is AmbientCWOP?

If you have a weather station that reports to you can sign up here and send your weather observations to CWOP

Why send to CWOP?

Click here to read a letter to all CWOP station owners

Weather observations that are sent to CWOP are ingested into the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS)
MADIS is a vast database of meteorological observations collected and shared around the world.
To see a map of weather stations which make up the MADIS database, click here

National Weather Service offices around the country can use your weather observations for monitoring, forecasting, and issuing weather warnings.
Meteorologists, emergency managers, scientists and citizens alike can view your weather observations via websites like MesoWest and others.
Your weather observations can also be ingested into computer forecast models, which can create more accurate forecasts and warnings for your area.

Click here for a comprehensive list on where your CWOP data ends up (Thanks galfert@WXForum)

What does it cost?


If you find this service useful and want to help out, donations are appreciated!