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CWOP Letter to Station Owners

We urge everyone that participates in CWOP to be considerate to your fellow CWOP neighbor stations. Please discontinue uploading to CWOP if your station sensors are not working properly, until you have fixed the sensor. Sensors can go bad on any station brand/model regardless of price. YOU AFFECT your neighbor stations’ analysis data, which is something that matters to your neighbor station owners. CWOP is different than any other online weather service because of this. Typically, those that upload to CWOP should be more dedicated to their station maintenance and are considered true weather hobbyists. CWOP is not like WeatherUnderground and other online services where a bad station doesn't matter as much, and neighbor stations don’t affect each other as they stand independently. CWOP data is also used for forecasting data by many organizations including but not limited to NWS, MesoWest and many other government and private organizations.

Let’s not pollute this great service.

If you notice a poorly performing CWOP station using this service, please report it. If a fellow CWOP station owner contacts you about possible sensor problems, please be considerate. Reporting weather data to CWOP is not an anonymous service. You have to register for a CWOP ID with your real full name and email address and this information is available to the public via If the maintenance or adherence to these guidelines is not something you agree to, then please do not upload to CWOP.

If you need help with your station, please join the friendly community weather forum at for advice.

Thank you.